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OpenFoundry Privacy Policy

Lastly updated: 2010-8-20

Welcome to the OpenFoundry website (hereafter “the Website”). We respect your privacy on your personal data stored on the Website and we work to protect it. This OpenFoundry Privacy Policy (hereafter “the Policy”) is provided here to inform you how OpenFoundry collects, uses and protects your non-disclosure information on the Website. Do please take some time to read this Policy. If you have any question, feel free to write us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

1. Collection of  Your Personal Data

OpenFoundry collects your personal data through the Website in the following ways:

    (1) The Website asks for your personal data.
    (2) The system logs automatically your history of browsing the Website.
    (3) The system logs the information regarding your personal participation in a software project, a discussion forum or posting comments.

2. The Content of the Collected Your Personal Data

You will become a member of the Website after you sign up a new account. You are required to provide  an account name,  your first and last name, email address and account password when you sign up for an account.

When you finish signing up for the account, you can fill up and edit your personal information on the Personal Profile page in order to let people understand you more thoroughly. Nevertheless, all the items on the Personal Profile page are optional; you can decide at your discretion whether to fill these items or not.

When you browse the Website, OpenFoundry keeps an anonymous log of such browsing history, which includes the user’s IP address, time of use, browser used, pages browsed and links clicked.

If you take part in a software project hosted on the Website, post an article on an online forum or transfer files, OpenFoundry also logs your account name and the content of the article, files transferred or the software project in question. You may also disclose your personal data when you take part in the discussions on the online forums. Please note, however, if you disclose the data yourself, they will not be protected and covered by this Policy.

If you would like to subscribe to any of our electronic newsletters offered on the Website, all you need is to provide your e-mail address. No other item concerning your personal data will be logged by OpenFoundry.

3. Our Use of Personal Data

To ensure the integrity of the rules concerning the Website, OpenFoundry may contact you with the personal data you have provided to us.
Your account name will be disclosed on the Website and anyone can search it from the Website. Except that, any user cannot browser or use your personal data, so long as you do not disclose those data on the Website by yourself.

All personal information you provide on the Personal Profile page will be disclosed on the Website, except your telephone number. Anyone can browse or use these information, even those who do not sign up or log in for the Website.

After you have created or joined a software development project, your account name will appear on the project summary or other related pages. If you participate in the forum of the project or post articles in it, your account name will also appear in the forum or on the postings. In any of the cases above you may choose to disclose more personal data on your own, including your signing up information or other personal data that you are willing to disclose.

4. Our Use of Your E-mail Address

OpenFoundry uses e-mail to deliver OpenFoundry-related information to you, including, but not limited to, confirmation of account signing up, changes concerning or in the Policy or OpenFoundry Terms of Use or other activity bulletins. Your e-mail address will never appear in the e-mail received by other people.

OpenFoundry will explicitly state that the notices or e-mails are sent by OpenFoundry. We also provide you means, documentations or links to let you discontinue receiving those notices or e-mails.

5. Our Use of Online Activity Logs

As you browse the Website, OpenFoundry’s web server automatically logs the user’s IP address, time of use, browser used, pages browsed and pages clicked, and analyzes the content of these logs. OpenFoundry performs analyses only on the basis of aggregated user behavior as a whole and does not perform analyses on your individual behavior. Unless you have given your consent to disclose your personal data, OpenFoundry will not check the logs against your personal data.

6. Questionnaires and Analyses

In order to know about the current performances of the projects or the open source community-related issues, OpenFoundry will undertake a survey on its hosted projects on the Website. It may disclose publicly the collected data and analyses thereto, but the disclosed content will be by its nature summary and will not contain any data that can identify individual interviewees or those surveyed or any other identification data. If such survey allows user commentary, OpenFoundry will remind interviewees that such item may be disclosed publicly and OpenFoundry retains the right to distribute such commentary under the premise that no personal data of the interviewee will be disclosed. You can choose whether to take such survey; OpenFoundry does not conduct any mandatory survey.

As OpenFoundry does not conduct a survey for a third party and simply passes the questionnaires in such cases for a third party’s academic purposes. You also may choose whether you want to take such survey. The personal data that you may fill in them is not covered by this Policy, and OpenFoundry will not take any responsibility to such third party’s use of your personal data. We therefore recommend you to read carefully the privacy policy of any third-party survey before you take it.

7. Disclosure of Your Personal Data to Third Party

OpenFoundry may also disclose your personal data if such disclosure is required by the Laws and regulations of Republic of China, by judicial or governmental mandate or if you consent to such disclosure. The disclosure in this case will be limited to a third party concerned.

8. Modification of Your Personal Data

After you have signed up and become a member of the Website, you can use the Preferences page to change any item of personal information, excluding your account name, that you have provided, anytime you need. For example, you can change your full name and e-mail address. But what you have provided to the discussions in the forums, comment system or issue tracker of the Website may not be changeable.

9. Measurement of Data Protection

OpenFoundry uses security technologies and takes security measures to protect your personal data from access, use or disclosure that is not authorized by you. For example, OpenFoundry stores your personal data in tightly monitored facilities and computer storages and only grants to a limited number of system administrators the access rights to the data.
Please keep your password and personal data in a safe place. Do not disclose any personal data, most important of all your password, to any third party. OpenFoundry takes no responsibility if any loss is caused because of such disclosure. In addition, after you have finished the task of project management or other maintenance transactions, please make sure that you have logged out from the Website. If you share the computer with others or use a public computer, we would like to remind you to close the browser window to prevent other people from reading your personal data or entering project administrator pages.

10. Policy on the Use of “Cookies”

OpenFoundry uses “cookies” to provide customized service to you. “Cookies” are short pieces of information that browsers write to the disk or memory of user’s computer while he or she is browsing the Website so that the web server can tell which per-user preference to apply. Information that the Website stores through “cookies” includes account name, session status, and some other items. You may deny or delete all the cookies on your disk under the premise that you take the related responsibility and risk and know this means that, if you refuse to receive all cookies, you may not be able to access to part or all of the functionalities of the Website, and take part in some online activities.

11. Visiting Other Websites

You may visit other websites through the hyperlinks available on the Website. These other websites may also collect your personal data. As different websites run different privacy policies for the personal data provided by you, their conducts are not covered by this Policy. We recommend you to read carefully others’ privacy policies. OpenFoundry takes no responsibility to other websites’ uses of your personal data that you provide to them.

12. Updating of the OpenFoundry Privacy Policy

The Policy will be constantly updated by OpenFoundry. When the Policy is updated, OpenFoundry will also put on the date on which the Policy is changed. Important changes in this Policy will also be posted on the headings or other clear places on the Website so that users will take notice thereof.