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感謝您對「自由軟體鑄造場」的支持與愛護,十多年來「自由軟體鑄造場」受中央研究院支持,並在資訊科學研究所以及資訊科技創新研究中心執行,現已完成階段性的任務。 原網站預計持續維運至 2021年底,網站內容基本上不會再更動。本網站由 Denny Huang 備份封存。
也紀念我們永遠的朋友 李士傑先生(Shih-Chieh Ilya Li)。

What is Resource Catalog ?

catalog-iconThe OpenFoundry Resource Catalog lists professional resources and applications related to the development of open source software. If you have any recommendation listing / category  or bug for this resource catalog, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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Mobile Location Protocol Library

*Goal of this project is to develop universal an usable C++ library. This library should provide functions of Mobile Location Protocol (MLP).

Platform: All POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes), Cygwin (MS Windows);License: BSD License


Linux and Android for OMAP850 Devices

Our project aims to develop Linux and Android support for T-Mobile Wing, HTC Herald, and other OMAP850-based devices

Platform: Linux; License: GNU General Public   (GPL), GNU Library or Lesser General Public   (LGPL)



Linux on SX1

The goal of this project is developing completly free linux environment for Siemens SX1 mobile phone and for any smartphone in the future. Our targets are small size and fast speed.

Platform: Linux; License: GNU General Public   (GPL)



MeeGo is an open source, Linux project which brings together the Moblin project, headed up by Intel, and Maemo, by Nokia, into a single open source activity. MeeGo integrates the experience and skills of two significant development ecosystems, versed in communications and computing technologies. The MeeGo project believes these two pillars form the technical foundations for next generation platforms and usages in the mobile and device platforms space.

Titan: Tiny Task Networks

Titan allows service-oriented processing of context recognition applications on Wireless Sensor Networks. It includes an execution environment developed for TinyOS and a Java ME (Personal Profile) Network Manager intended to be run on a mobile phone.


Rockbox is a free software replacement for the firmware held on various forms of digital audio players (DAPs). Rockbox offers an alternative to the host device's operating system firmware (in many cases without removing the original firmware) which provides a plug-in architecture for adding various enhancements and functionality to DAPs which are not present in the original OS. Enhancements include PDA functionality, applications, utilities, and games. Rockbox can also retrofit video playback functionality onto DAPs first released in mid-2000. Rockbox also includes a voice-driven user-interface suitable for operation by blind and visually impaired users.


This organization focuses on handheld and wearable computers with the goal of encouraging and facilitating the creation of open software solutions for use on handheld platforms, especially on “Unix-like” systems, including Linux and some versions of BSD Unix. The organization supports system software wizards, application developers and end-users by enabling wide distribution and use of software available on the site. The site also provides numerous informative documents on configuring and programming Linux handhelds, including tutorials on how to run Linux on iPAQ handhelds, building X for a handheld and setting up a PPP connection.

GNOME Mobile Platform

The GNOME Mobile Platform is a subset of the widely used GNOME desktop platform. This link points to the home of GNOME Mobile organization where you can find plans they have for this mobile platform.

OpenMoko Linux

OpenMoko Linux is an open source Linux-based operating system for mobile devices. It used Linux kernel together with a graphical user environment. This link points to the main page of the OpenMoko project that aims to deliver mobile phones with an open source software stack.

Symbian OS

Symbian OS is a proprietary operating system, together with libraries, user interface and common tools, for mobile devices. It runs exclusively on ARM processors. This link points to the website of Symbian, the company that developed Symbian OS. You can find information regarding the operating system, as well related links, including the link for Symbian Foundation. The foundation was established in June 2008 by some companies in mobile industry with the goal to create an open and complete software platform.


According to its Wikipedia definition, Android is an open software platform (middleware and key mobile applications) and a Linux-based operating system for mobile devices developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance. It allows developer to write managed code in Java and control devices via a Java library offered by Google. This link leads you to the home of Android. From there, you can download the latest version of Android SDK. You can also reach from there open source software project to download the source of Android.