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也紀念我們永遠的朋友 李士傑先生(Shih-Chieh Ilya Li)。
Glossary Copyright

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Copyright consists of the economic right and the moral right derived upon the completion of a work. Before the Copyright Statue of Anne, decreed in the United Kingdom in 1710, the economic profit of publishing books was solely enjoyed by the printing houses. After the Statue granted copyright to authors, they can exercise control over their works and strike a balance between them and the publisher in terms of profits. On the other hand, if such profits are over-protected by the law, the public’s right of reading the works becomes affected, and this will do disadvantages to the circulation and accumulation of knowledge and culture. The notion of “Fair Use” in the Copyright Law is developed out of this issue. The moral right includes: (1) the right to publish the work to the public, (2) the right of showing the name, (3) the right of integrity. As the moral right represents the author’s person, it is exclusive and may not be transferred or inherited. The economic right covers the rights to (1) reproduce and copy, (2) verbally express, (3) perform in the public, (4) play on screen, (5) broadcast, (6) display in the public, (7) edit or modify, (8) lease. If any of the above-mentioned rights are infringed, the copyright holder has the right to apply for a cease-and-desist order and in some circumstances request proper indemnifications.

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